Midway Diner


This 1950’s Diner brings you back to a time where drinking rootbeer floats was cool!  I would way this place is the best place to go for breakfast. I drive from Alcona to this place if I want breakfast. Stepping into this place feels like you have gone into a time machine and it has taken you to the 1950s. The owner Matt Jones has a deep passion for making the best meals for his customers.MIDWAY_pe



Nathalie Rubayiza, known by the name of Nattyva (her childhood and nickname), was born in June 16, 1989 in Africa. Nattyva is an African-Canadian contemporary pop/dance singer/songwriter who currently resides both Toronto and Barrie, on. Canada. Her previous music can be heard on YouTube.

Her new CD will be release sometime this summer.I had the privilege  to have a photo shoot with her, and here are a few of the shots.

The Scream Shack

Located just north of Barrie Ontario in the not so quiet Severed Township lives a place of unspeakable fears. 25964463973_4dfbc489d4_k The Scream Shack is a Haunted Attraction unlike any other in Canada. This outdoor event has been designed with you fears in mind as we do not believe in conga lines and painted black walls. They strive to create an intimate and engaging experience in the exploration of terror.


Mighty Mike

IMG_2396b_pp_edit_editI first watched Mighty Mike perform on Dunlop St at Heritage Park, and just loved his show during Buskerfest last year.

Mike has been performing for over 15 years and obtained the Guinness Record for World’s Fastest Juggler. He began training feats of strength under Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers (in a line of strongman performers from Joseph “Mighty Atom” Greenstein in 1928). Mike has since traveled the globe astounding audiences with his feats of strength and juggling comedy show.

I really hope to catch his show this year.


Elaine Tanner Gold Medalist

19403947160_820ab0a014_kNicknamed “Mighty Mouse
During the 1966 Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica, Tanner won four gold medals and three silvers, becoming the first woman to ever win four golds at a Commonwealth Games. She won the Lou Marsh Trophy, recognizing her as Canada’s best athlete in 1966 — the youngest person to ever receive the award — and was also selected as the country’s top athlete overall. The following year at the 1967 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Tanner won two gold and three silver medals, breaking two world records in the process.Tanner arrived at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City as a heavy medal favorite. She won three Olympic medals in Mexico City, including two individual silver medals and one relay bronze. Tanner retired from competition after the 1968 Olympics at just 18 years of age.

The Painter

The Painter

8615639534_ba4170c4d6_bThis is Brian Millar from Millar Painting. For over 20 years he has been doing handyman repairs and painting in Simcoe County. I have been using his services since 2006 and trust his expertise.- 705-828-7661 http://www.millarpainting.com/