Tattoo Artist

TattooArtistThis is Kate McGowan . She is a kickass artist that will bring  your tattoo ideas to life. She works out of the Matrix in Barrie. I will be getting another tattoo soon.


Elaine Tanner Gold Medalist

19403947160_820ab0a014_kNicknamed “Mighty Mouse
During the 1966 Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica, Tanner won four gold medals and three silvers, becoming the first woman to ever win four golds at a Commonwealth Games. She won the Lou Marsh Trophy, recognizing her as Canada’s best athlete in 1966 — the youngest person to ever receive the award — and was also selected as the country’s top athlete overall. The following year at the 1967 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Tanner won two gold and three silver medals, breaking two world records in the process.Tanner arrived at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City as a heavy medal favorite. She won three Olympic medals in Mexico City, including two individual silver medals and one relay bronze. Tanner retired from competition after the 1968 Olympics at just 18 years of age.

The Painter

The Painter

8615639534_ba4170c4d6_bThis is Brian Millar from Millar Painting. For over 20 years he has been doing handyman repairs and painting in Simcoe County. I have been using his services since 2006 and trust his expertise.- 705-828-7661

Grilled Cheese Social Eatery

Grilled cheese social eatery is a awesome place downtown Barrie to eat gourmet sandwiches and some amazing smoothies. They’re located on Dunlop Street right across the street from CIBC. If you ever get a chance I highly recommend stopping by. This is Randy in this photograph, and he is the owner of this amazing eatery. I sat and Chatted with Randy about photography and art. He mentioned that I should start a project about the people in Simcoe County and their jobs. Randy is the guy who inspired me to start this project. Thanks Randy it was a great idea.fffimg_8915_hdr_edit_edit_edit_hdr